Simba Shani Kamaria Russeau

Simba Shani Kamaria Russeau is an award-winning multimedia storyteller. She has worked as a photographer, radio correspondent and writer in many countries, including East Timor, South Korea, Philippines, Haiti, Japan, the United States, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Dubai. She has conducted several workshops with streets kids, ex-prisoners, children of migrant workers and refugees on the use of photography and interviewing as a tool for self-empowerment in underrepresented communities as means of dealing with racism, poverty, prejudice and war. Currently she is working on multimedia essays documenting displaced faces around the world, migrant workers and women, and is the founder and organiser of the «Taste Culture» initiative.

ECONOMÍA: Primavera árabe con gusto amargo

La transformación social y política que se vive en Medio Oriente y África del Norte trae aparejados desafíos económicos como el enorme desempleo, el retorno de los emigrados y la reducción de ingresos por el turismo.