Nasseem Ackburally

Nasseem Ackburally is based in Mauritius and is a regular contributor to IPS Africa. He also writes for several other publications, including Syfia International, a francophone press agency based in Montpellier, France; African Business, a monthly publication from London; and SPORE, a magazine on agriculture and rural development from the CTA, Holland. Nasseem is also engaged in radio reporting for IPS Africa and Germany’s Deustche Welle, in addition to photography and translation. Locally, he works for Le Mauricien, one of the main French dailies on the island for the past 23 years.

CAMBIO CLIMÁTICO: Indígenas levantan la voz en Copenhague

Las negociaciones sobre cambio climático que se desarrollan en la capital danesa deben tomar en cuenta los reclamos de los pueblos indígenas, los más perjudicados –y los menos responsables– del recalentamiento planetario, aseguran activistas.